Turns New Years Resolutions Into Life Changing Realities for Students. We have all made New Year’s resolutions and then not kept them. For over twelve years, artists and non artists have found the Artists Way Workshop an effective way to move through creative blocks, overcome procrastination, navigate through life’s transitions; and become part of a supportive and creative community. Those who have taken the Artist’s Way Workshops have turned their New Year’s resolutions into a reality!

 Los Angeles, CA, Dec. 26, 2008, Stephanie James, a college professor who had played classical music on and off for years started The Artists Way determined to be more creative. In The Artist’s Way Workshop Stephanie learned tools and techniques that supported her in taking effective action.  As a result she started writing original songs; formed a band, played a series of concerts and has released an album. 

 After taking the Artist’s Way workshop, Sandy Fox, a voice over professional realized that her capacity for business was a real passion. She successfully switched gears and started a business with her husband. They launched H2Om, “Water with Intention.” Their company’s clients include Whole Foods, New Leaf Community Markets and several others. In addition their company is affiliated with Dr. Emoto from the movie What the Bleep Do We Know?

 Glenn Jordan, an Emmy Award winning composer, musician and performer owns his own music Production Company. He came to The Artist’s Way when he was feeling isolated as an artist and was sick and tired of the music business. The Artist’s Way Workshop took Glenn back to his roots. He began playing guitar in live bands again. He connected to a community and recharged his batteries. He regained his enthusiasm for writing and producing music. He recently worked on a project for Kanye West and composed the score for a couple of feature length films.

 Not all people who take The Artist’s Way are artists. There are accountants, scientists, housewives, business owners and others who want to get in touch with their creative side. They too realized this goal from taking the workshop.

 Kelly Morgan, the facilitator of the L.A. based workshop says “Of the over one thousand students who have taken the Artists Way with me, many are going through some kind of transition.” She continues, “I’ve developed a year long curriculum designed to support others in living in alignment with their passion. The Artist’s Way has helped a lot of people get clarity on their next steps.”

 The Artist Way Workshop begins Monday, Feb. 9, 2009 from 7 to 10 p. m. at the Bodhi Tree in West Hollywood, 8585 Melrose Ave. The twelve week course costs $385.00 and payment plans can be arranged. Street parking, garage parking and valet parking is available.

For more information about the upcoming Artists Way Workshop or to register contact Maggie or Kelly at www.CreativeLife.com and/or 310-839-3424.

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