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Small Changes that work! by JAM

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Since 2005 I have been professionally investigating the nworld of weight loss as my client list generally includes people who want to lose weight. There is no getting around the fact that consistent and progressive exercise paired with a diet made from whole foods will be what gets you in “on top of the world”, great shape...BUT, for dozens of my clients there has been one change that set off the rest of their healthy lifestyle!

Consider the following 20 examples ideas for inspiration. Each of us are so different in so many ways, everyone needs their own unique combination of improvements to reach their goal:

JAM asks: “What worked for you?”

1- “Cutting animal proteins. I tried it for a few days and really noticed a difference in my body so I stuck to it. Cutting out meats, eggs and other animal proteins completely wasn’t realistic for me so my rule is that I limit myself to one animal bi-product per day. For example if I have eggs for breakfast I am filling up on veggies, whole grains, nuts and beans the rest of the day.” - J.F., Los Angeles

2- “I gave up caffeine and it was like that was what was holding onto the fat!. I lost over 10 lbs with diet and exercise but then just hit a plateau and the scale would not budge. After I stopped having coffee and diet coke it all paid off”. L.J., Los Angeles

3- “Waking up and getting my cardio in first thing is what did it for me, I’ve dropped 3 jean sizes. After a week I saw the results and was feeling better and better everyday that I woke up. Your moms advice is to put your running shoes out next to your bed and that & lsquo;the hardest part is putting your feet on the ground’, and it really is! Once my feet hit the ground I know I’m on my way to better myself and that’s what keeps me motivated each morning even when it’s cold and dark.” - H.H., Palm Desert

4- “It was really tough for me to do but I limited the number of nights that I went out to two nights per week. I found other, more active things to do with my other nights. After a while the weight just fell off because I was consuming so many less calories per week.”

- J.S., NYC

5- “At 35 years old I finally started cooking for myself. I had no idea what I was doing at first, I didn’t even know when my asparagus was done! Now I love to cook and my body is the leanest it’s ever been! I finally get it, how you can fill up on mostly veggies and be satisfied. It’s all about figuring out what you like and how you like it prepared.” - D.S., OH

6- “ I finally quit smoking. After that I was obsessed with filling my body with only the best things possible.” - K.E., Pasadena

7- “I got a puppy! My overeating was in part due to boredom so once I had my hands full there was no time to mindlessly eat.” - C.S., Los Angeles

8- & ldquo; I calculated what I was spending on food every week; ordering lunch and dinner most nights. The portions were more than double the size I needed and cost double too. Seeing the numbers made me change my habits almost immediately. I’ve always been motivated by saving money.” B.G., NYC

9- “I joined a Beachbody test group. It was 30 days of rehearsal and they provided lunches and gave a meal plan for dinners. I lost 12 lbs in 30 days.” - F.R., NYC

10- “I finally joined the boot camp class in my neighborhood. The camaraderie is what keeps me accountable and I’ve never felt better about my body!” - M.M., Palm Springs

11- “I joined an adult sports league in my city, they have volleyball, basketball and soccer. I haven’t worked this hard or felt this young since highschool.” B.W., OH

12- “I finally stopped eating after 7:30 PM. It’s the only thing that has ever worked for me to see results.” - F.C., Los Angeles

13- “No white bread, pasta or rice. That was it, I have so much energy now!” -C.L., NYC

14- “ I cut sugar significantly; none in my morning java, no candy (even the little harmless looking pieces at work) and no desserts for 4 weeks. My cravings stopped and now I just enjoy on special occasions.” - D.M., NYC

15- “Juicing! I got a juicer and started getting my veggies down that way since I hate eating salads. Starting my day this way keeps my decisions  healthy throughout the day.”

- E.S., Los Angeles

16- “I fired the maid when work started to slow down and now I just never stop moving! Taking on the responsibility to be the one to keep my own house clean did the trick for me.” - B.K., NYC

17- “I met someone 30 years my senior who is in the business position that I hope to be at his age, his weight however was clearly out of control. I saw photos of him at my age and I asked him what happened, he said he just got lazy as he got more successful with work and now he felt like he had done so much bad to his body that turning it around seemed impossible. I decided to hire a trainer the next day so that never happens to me, and now I feel great.” -S.S., CT

18- “ I started meal replacement bars or shakes at lunch time. It cut approximately 400 calories from my day and after 2 months I look better than I have in 10 years.”

- S.K., Los Angeles

19- “My best friend and I were in the same boat when it came to our poor food choices and lack of exercise, we decided to fight the battle of the bulge together so that when we felt like giving up the other would step up and keep us on track. Now we go on hikes and then hit a juice bar instead of binging on burgers and fries.” - S.C., OH

20- “I started dating a trainer ;)” - R.R., NYC
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