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Eggplant Pizza. . . MMmmm

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Fromsadtoraw.com is a great learning tool if you've decided to take the plunge into eating raw. This was one of my favorites ;) my notes are in pink suggesting lower calorie options. Bon Appeteti!

Preparation and photo by Michelle Reeves

Eggplant Pizza


peeled eggplant
sliced to about 1/2" slices but really a little thinner, as you don't want to take forever, or make too thin where it falls apart....give it your eye guess I suppose

On teflex sheet put your sliced eggplant..
on eggplant...drizzle olive oil VERY LITTLE IS NEEDED!

You can put the It. seasonings here now...

Then in any order: red/yellow peppers, diced or sliced, then mushrooms, diced or sliced, sliced or diced purple onions, "fresh" basil...(think fresh is a key so the other stuff you can fake, but not the "fresh" basil). I cut the basil up and sprinkled nicely on the top...then placed fresh slices off tomato on top with some more seasonings under it. Red pepper hot chili seeds or pinch cayenne for zing. Tomatoes for the moisture on top....Yes, fresh garlic... I bet you could also top after it comes out of dehydrator with a *raw cheese or even pine nuts ground and sprinkled on top. Why not? Use imagination as your creation evolves! ADD FLAX SEEDS AND ANYTHING MACROBIOTIC!

Place in dehydrator several hours (maybe 4) and when it gets soft I call it ready.

Whatever veggies you love put them on. You could marinate some of the veggies in advance I bet too, but I didn't. I did not use any Nama or salt either. I suppose you could, but I didn't and hardly use it either. DON'T NEED IT!

When I saw the eggplant was feeling soft I called it "ready" for "human consumption."

- from RawFoodSupport.com

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