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Core (self Test) and practice to progression

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Something to work on: ‘Bum Balance'

First, see if you can use your bum as your only base of support. Heels hover over the ground and arms are stretched out to either side for a lengthening stretch and balance mechanism.

If this is a struggle, don't be discouraged! You're a perfect candidate to start improving now! Keep at it, in no time you'll be sitting pretty ;)

Next, test your abilities! Slowly lower both extremities of your body equally. Lean back and straighten your legs slightly. I like to use these first two positions as a crunch like exercise. Start at bum balance 1, then transition into 2 and repeat! Introduced to me back in my gymnast days...my coach had me do 3 sets of 50 daily!

I thought I'd created a new yoga pose with this one until I saw it in a book and realized that Joseph Pilates beat me to it! After perfecting your nbeginners bum balance, your core strength will improve ;) Raise the bar, and raise your legs into a full Forward Fold position!

Veterans, try this. Grasping the inner arch's of your feet, extend all limbs and breathe deep!

We want to see your bum balance! Practice with a friend and snap action shots, you may just see them posted next month ;) (link...)

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