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Burn fat at work & 'brown bag it': simple solutions and recipes

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I put this together as homework for a sassy client of mine when I visited (home) Ohio in july...so if something sounds weird, it's because your not her. lol


enjoy...luv, Jamie (just trying to make your life a little better ;)


Ways to Make Time at the Office Beneficial to Your Booty:

Meetings usually mean brainstorming. Call me crazy, but how about suggesting that it be conducted while standing!? The increase of blood flow to the brain helps creative thinking AND higher calorie burn!

While typing, sit with good posture! Be conscious of your body, breathe deep periodically to engage abdominal area with exhale. Try setting a goal for yourself; I.e, ‘every half hour I'll let out four deep, exaggerated, contracting breaths!' (by the week's end, you've added 500 ‘crunches' to your regimen!'

While typing, twist your chair 45 degrees to either side and keep your chest square with screen. Your twisting will make for an excellent oblique contraction! (When paired with deep breathing this move is 3x's better;)

Get up and stretch!!! (backbends, handstands against the wall...anything! Kick your shoes off!)

‘Booty calls'! I can imagine how many of your minutes are spent on the phone or just thinking, instead of sitting...stand, mog, ‘fog', plea squat!

Unless you have a lunch meeting, you will have prepared your own. (see ‘Fuel Prices' for calorie consumption goals) Walk to Starbucks for an iced green tea!

Browse foodnetwork.com (click quick and easy) to find dinner!

Clutter in sight=clutter in your brain! Stop procrastinating and go through the piles and files. Organization is the most important element to the mental aspect of getting and staying on track!!!

Switch out your chair for a stability ball!!! The weird looks through the window are worth it!

What are a few items that you reach for often? I.e., paperclips, post-its, trash, etc. Set them farther away from you, so that you have to get up each time you get it.

Slightly lift your bum off your seat, pressing palms onto your desk.

Spinal twists, neck roll, shoulder rolls. Often


3 minutes, twice daily (all of which can probably be done during a conference call;)

Inclined ‘Push Offs'

Palms to desk

60 seconds


Hands on seat of chair w/wheels

60 seconds

Reverse Push Ups

Palms to desk, facing away

60 seconds





















Fuel Prices' are finally going down!

Try to stick to these numbers. Your hectic schedule makes it difficult to be ‘right on' everyday, so you have to compensate where needed when you know one meal will be business related. Never go more than 3 hours without fuel!

*TIP! Remember: a spicy taste is known to decrease cravings! Keep a tiny bottle of nTabasco in your office, and squeeze just a bit onto a lemon slice.


1st thing!

8 oz. water, choice of ‘energy boosting' fruit, 6 raw almonds

9am; Breakfast

250 calories; (oatmeal, gluten-free granola, yogurt, gritz (w/pepper), poached eggs!!!

11am; Snack

100 calories; (health bar, fruit, veggies w/hummus, Fage yogurt, honey graham cracker with diced fruit and honey on top)

1pm; Lunch

350 calories; (lettuce wraps, ntuna fish w/4 gluten-free crackers, chicken kabob, soup and smoothie, open faced turkey/chicken and veggie sandwich, meal replacement bar)


150 calories; 4" celery stick (w/1 tbls raw almond butter), small glass chocolate soy milk, veggies and hummus, 6 almonds and choice of fruit,

7pm; Dinner

600 calories; whole wheat pasta w/red sauce, eggplant pizza, veggie burger (no bun), fiesta bowl, Erewhon (grocery store on Beverly and 3rd) great for quick pick up dinner!)


1450 calories daily!!!! (excluding ‘1st thing!'


Tips for Healthy Preparation:

Chicken ( organic, boneless, skinless)-always good to have in containers in fridge! Prepare with a DASH of olive oil, pepper, lots of lemon, sliced almonds (add BBQ if desired). Sautee stovetop. (*I always dice some, cut some ‘kabob' sized and slice some cracker sized). FDA says it'll be good for up to 7 days if in air tight container, I'll say three;)

LETTUCE WRAPS-chicken diced, romaine lettuce, salsa, veggies!

KABOB- chicken (2-3oz.), pineapple chunks, green pepper chunks. Pair w/¼ cup brown rice.

OPEN FACED CHICKEN SANDWHICH-(use the ‘cracker sized' slices!) (inspired by Le Pain's chicken and mozzarella sand!) add veggies, DASH olive oil, pepper!

WHOLE WHEAT PASTA- no meat in sauce, lite amount of sea salt if any. 1 tbls shredded cheese on top!!

EGGPLANT PIZZA- sautee 1/5" eggplant slices with other veggies as desired. ( DASH oil, sea salt and pepper) After approx. 6 min. on medium heat, remove eggplant onto serving dish. Spoon veggies onto eggplant and top with a lil bit o' cheese and oregano.

VEGGIE BURGER- no bun (for you). Load on the veggies and spices! Pair with roasted red potatoes. (one serving/1 med. Sized red pot.), cut into 8 pieces. Cook stovetop with pepper, parsley, green onions and other desirable spices! (*dip in a lil ketchup if you have to)

FIESTA BOWL-Lettuce, tomato, 1/4 cup black beans, fresh salsa, 2 oz. chicken, corn, 1 slice avocado

Layer items in container and refrigerate. (warm if desired)

Eat with gluten free crackers w/flax seed!

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