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How to eat for High Cholesteral

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TLC Diet - a diet for high cholesterol heart disease recommended by AHA

Written by Gloria Tsang, RD

The TLC diet was introduced in May 2001 when the National Cholesterol Education Program NCEP released new diet guidelines for people with high cholesterol and risks of heart disease. The American Heart Association AHA accepted and endorsed this report and began incorporating these recommendations into its materials on dietary and lifestyle change for people with high blood cholesterol. For people at high risk or who have known cardiovascular disease, NCEP and AHA now recommend the new Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes TLC diet to replace the "old" Step 1 and Step 2 diets.

Summary of the TLC Diet for High Cholesterol


Total Fat

25% - 25% total calories

Saturated fat

< 7% total calories

Polyunsaturated fat

up to 10% total calories

Monounsaturated fat

up to 20% total calories


50% - 60% total calories


~15% total calories


<200 mg/dL

Plant Sterols


Soluble Fiber such as psyllium

10g - 25g

Examples of food in the TLC Diet


Lean Meat/Fish/alternatives

< 5 oz/day


< 2 yolks/wk (whites unlimited)

Low Fat Dairy

2 - 3 servings/day (<1% fat)


< 6 - 8 tsp/day

Grains especially whole grains

>6 servings


3 - 5 servings/day


2 - 4 servings/day


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